Meet the composer

Did you guess last Friday’s composer?  It was Ludwig van Beethoven.



  • was born in 1770
  • died in 1827
  • was a German composer who lived in Vienna
  • started to lose his hearing when he was in his late 20s, ultimately becoming completely deaf – yet he continued to compose.

Enjoy what Walt Disney did to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony:


Meet the composer

Did you get the answer to last Friday’s “Who said it?”  It was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • was born in 1756
  • died in 1791
  • was Austrian
  • was a child prodigy
  • had written 3 operas, 6 symphonies and hundreds of other works by the time he was 12!!

Listen to Mozart piano music:



Meet the composer

Did you get Friday’s “Who said it?” correct?  It was Johann Sebastian Bach.

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Johann Sebastian Bach

  • was a German composer,
  • was born in 1685
  • died in 1750
  • loved coffee
  • had 2 wives and 20 children (though only 10 survived), 4 of whom were also composers
  • worked as an organist and choir master

Listen to the Italian Concerto:

And see what Walt Disney did with an orchestrated Toccata and Fugue Bach wrote for the organ: