AMEB exam preparation tip #9

Tell the story!

Ok, so you’re about to go into the exam room. Yes, it can be scary and unnerving. However, remember that this is a performance. You’re performing music! You’re not there just to get the notes right. Tell the examiner a story with the music that you play. Express your musical personality with every note, even the scales and arpeggios. Bring some magic into that room! And don’t give up if you make a few mistakes. Sometimes a few wrong notes can help you to relax and break the tension – you’re human after all. Concentrate on playing expressively and bringing meaning to every sound that you make. It may be a small room in a strange building with an unfamiliar examiner in the corner but don’t be afraid. Enter confidently, don’t get distracted and don’t let small things put you off. Remember that the examiner really wants to hear what you have to say. Take a couple of deep breaths and then fill up that room with your charisma, personality and style.

This post is taken from an AMEB article.


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