AMEB exam preparation tip #5

DON’T tell yourself that nothing really matters.

The only thing more tragic than Freddy Mercury singing these lyrics in Bohemian Rhapsody is a performer muttering them before taking to the stage. Performing in front of others can be terrifying and sometimes we prepare ourselves for disaster by assuring ourselves that there’s no significance to what we’re doing and therefore no consequences in failure. Think of your exam as a celebration of the hard work you’ve put in over the last months and years. Instead of wallowing in self-doubt, fist-pump the sky in front-row fervor to Freddy singing ‘We will, we will, rock you!’

This post is taken from an AMEB article.


AMEB exam preparation tip #4

Is that Liszt next door?

For many, warming up before an exam is a crucial part of the process and for some it’s the opportunity to focus on some last minute trouble spots or to calm the nerves with a steady run-through of the technical work. Multiply this by 10 candidates and the result is a cacophony of sound with a running competition for the loudest, fastest, and most impressive playing. Refrain from comparing yourself to others and showing off your inner Franz Liszt by instead trying some slow practice or finding a quiet place to focus. Don’t waste your precious energy trying to impress the candidate in the practice room next door – save it for the examiners.

This post is taken from an AMEB article.

AMEB exam preparation tip #3

DON’T rely on “Red Bull wings”.

Wings are handy when you’re late, stuck in traffic, or headed to Neverland, but  not so much in the exam room. What do we mean? Caffeine and similar stimulants alter your body chemistry and can leave you feeling jittery and unfocused, particularly when combined with performance adrenaline. They’re also used as a pick-me-up when you haven’t had enough sleep the night before. Give yourself the best chance by making sure you arrive at the exam room well rested, and rely on examination nerves to give you that extra buzz rather than a can of chemicals!

This post is taken from an AMEB article.

AMEB exam preparation tip #2

DON’T say, “I am so nervous”.

If I had a coin for every time this was groaned in an exam warm-up area, I could buy Mozart’s original pianoforte. Nerves are a part of every performance – they show you that you care! The trick is to direct all of that nervous energy to heightening your focus and creating an electric atmosphere for your performance – use the adrenaline that is suddenly pumping through your system! So next time you find yourself saying ‘I’m so nervous’, feel blessed, put on your superman cape, and let nerves be your secret for success!

This post is taken from an AMEB article.