AMEB exam preparation tips

Over the following 10 weeks I’ll share some “don’t”s originally from an AMEB article  on exam preparation.

DON’T Practise like it’s going out of style… the week before the exam.

Sometimes when an exam or concert is looming large, we panic and resort to an extreme practice regime as a source of last-minute, confidence-boosting performance assurance. Remember that your body is a delicate piece of machinery and that suddenly increasing the number of hours spent playing or singing every day is more likely to result in injury and fatigue than super-human musical ability. Instead of shredding your strength in an extreme instrumental all-nighter, try short, targeted practice sessions that focus on problem areas and include plenty of breaks for the muscles and the mind. By suddenly ramping up your practice routine just before the exam you’re actually telling yourself that you don’t know the music well enough. Instead of surrendering to exam panic, step away from your instrument and remind yourself that you do know the music and you know it well. Use a bit of self-talk to ward off doubt and to keep yourself calm.


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