Monday motivation

The following is from a blog post by Samantha Coates.  Over the last 5 Mondays, I’ve posted her sport / music analogies. Please visit her fabulous blog.

Be your own practice coach

Piano practice is actually much harder than sport practice, because it is a solitary activity. In sport, the coach is there all the time, telling you what to do. In piano, the ‘coach’ is the piano teacher, and you only get one lesson per week with him/her; the rest of the time, you are on your own at home. So a practice coach analogy helps:

First of all, don’t skip piano practice. The same way you would never dream of missing basketball practice and letting the team down. The same way you reluctantly get out of bed at 5am to go to squad training at the pool, knowing that you won’t improve if you don’t do this and that the coach will really yell at you if you miss it.

Secondly, don’t slack off in your practice. Playing pieces once from beginning to end is as useful as a training session where your coach offers you a hot chocolate and a comfy chair. Just as you are expected to put in 100% effort and be exhausted at the end of sport practice, you should be prepared to engage fully in your piano practice, working on your weaknesses and constantly trying to improve.


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