Procrastinate less and do more

This list of tips which I will post over 7 weeks was published by CMuse

Avoid repetition

The importance of repetition is a notion that we are taught upon our introduction to musical training. “Play each passage ten times before moving on” was a mantra we all had to abide by, even though we really did feel annoyed and spaced out at the end of such task. Well, turns out that our brains are not hardwired to pay attention to repetition. They like change! Think of how pre-verbal infants react to stimuli: show a baby the same object over and over again and, at the end of the day, he will just stop paying attention to it. This process is called “habituation.” However, if you change the object, attention will return at its fullest. Even among adults, less stimuli mean a reduced brain activation. So try to vary your practice session as much as you can. In a 25-30 minute session, try to practice at least three different excerpts/passage. You can either devote ten minutes to each of those or divide your schedule into ten three-minute sessions, and sequentially practice each passage within its three-minute time window, and repeat the cycle until you reach your 30-minute goal.


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