Procrastinate less and do more

This list of tips which I will post over 7 weeks was published by CMuse

Put off checking your social media handles

facebook musical notes

This tip may, at first sight, contradict what we preached so far, but you may agree that being too plugged in really hinders your productivity. Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc.  need constant checking, and they are guilty of breaking focus. So, as a corollary to the pomodoro technique, set aside a few designated times to interact with your social media community of friends. Set a timeframe to respond to emails, another one to engage in sheer social media activity. If your “plugged-in” time becomes an item of your “to-do list” rather than an aimless refreshing and scrolling, mostly dictated by boredom, it will no longer kill your productivity.


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