Procrastinate less and do more

This list of tips which I will post over 7 weeks was published by CMuse

If you feel zone-out after a while, try the Pomodoro technique

Have you ever felt increasingly bored while practicing for an extended period of time and gotten too lazy to power through?

It turns out that stopping for a few minutes, even to watch an extremely silly tv show, is actually beneficial to your learning abilities. Taking a short break to get back in focus is actually a well-known productivity method that goes by the name of the pomodoro technique. It’s a time management system invented by Francesco Cirillo that works with the tendency of the human mind to become overwhelmed by too much work. The pomodoro technique suggests breaking a bigger project into smaller tasks, and separating each of those by smaller breaks, which will help you recharge your batteries. It’s called pomodoro technique because Cirillo used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer (Pomodoro in Italian) to time his  session and breaks. Since you will have a break to look forward to, you will also be more likely to work harder during your work periods.

What you have to do is choose a task to be accomplished, set your timer to 25 minutes, work until it rings, take a short break (up to 5 minutes) and then start another 25-minute session. Every four sessions, you can take a longer break.


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