Monday motivation

The following is from a blog post by Samantha Coates.  Over the next 5 Mondays, I’ll post her sport / music analogies

Not ignoring technical work

Most students avoid playing scales because they do not grasp the relevance of doing so. I use the following tennis analogy:

Everyone loves to watch Lleyton Hewitt play tennis (when he wins). People enjoy watching the games. But no-one would enjoy watching his coaching sessions, when he is working on just his forehand over and over again – that would be boring. Imagine if Lleyton also thought that was boring, and didn’t do any practice? Imagine if he didn’t go to the gym and work out? He wouldn’t be a very good tennis player, and therefore no-one would enjoy watching his games.

Scales are the training and exercise that form your technique. Pieces are the ‘games’ that people can enjoy. You can’t have one without the other!!!

N.B. Professional musician Carolyn Worthy has blogged extensively on the tennis analogy. It’s fantastic – click here to read it.


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