Procrastinate less and do more

This list of tips which I will post over 7 weeks was published by CMuse

Create a practice-friendly environment

Spontaneous practice is the key to success, so make sure you place your instrument (provided it’s a portable one) within reach. Do you spend a lot of time at your computer desk because, aside from playing your instrument, you also like coding? Place your flute next to your keyboard. Do you enjoy studying on your hard copies while lounging in an armchair? Simply position your instrument under foot. Without thinking about it, you will see it, pick it up and start playing: in fact, whenever you need to take a break from coding, reading, studying or writing, your instrument will await you, and by always having it on hand you will practice scales, arpeggios, and even longer exercises without even realizing it. It won’t be a chore, but a pleasurable divertissement.

Beethoven’s room


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